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Whether they realize it or not, when people picture any kind of mounted power saw, the band saw is what usually comes to mind most often. 

Considered essential for even the most novice woodworkers, a band saw provides seemingly unlimited cutting potential regarding other saw types.

A band saw uses a ribbon-like form of a blade that is run in a loop using motorized wheels inside the saw’s assembly. A part of the blade area is exposed as it runs through a slot in the saw’s table, creating an area where you can cut the workpiece.

This setup creates a neverending sawing motion that enables users to create smooth, intricate cuts as they guide the workpiece through, often freehanded. When used with a fence and guide, band saws are great for ripping long workpieces into separate pieces.

The thin, open profile of the blade also allows for making curved, decorative cuts in wood. This can include precise cuts for bedposts, crown molding, and any intricate cuts the user is willing to attempt.

If you plan on doing anything beyond trimming the ends of workpieces, or want to hone your skills in actual wood crafting, a band saw is a must.

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