Pole Saws Hub

When it comes to sawing anything, most of us prefer to do it on a ground level. However, there are times when you’ll need to saw something a little higher. In this case, a pole saw is your best option. This crude, yet efficient saws are a bit limited in use, but they sure excel at their main task and make like a lot easier.

Simply put, a pole saw is a saw...on a pole. Most of the time, this takes the form of a miniature chainsaw attached on end. While gas and electric powered pole saws are the norms, there are some you can power manually by pulling back forth on a rope, but that’s a rarity now.

The most common use for a pole saw is landscaping and tree trimming. This saves you from having to stand on a ladder, or climb up a tree just to get rid of a few limbs. With a pole saw, you can just stand there on the ground, and take care of the situation from a safe distance.

If you’re someone that likes to do your own landscaping or have a need to attend to trees on a regular basis, a pole saw can make your trimming much, much easier.