Difference Between Band Saw vs Table Saw

Band Saw Vs. Table Saw Comparison

As someone just starting out, you might even ask woodworking boards, band saw vs. table saw for ripping?

When it comes to ripping material, people often have the classic debate: band saw vs. table saw. Some people will say that the table saw is better, whereas others will say the band saw is just as good, if not better.

We’re going, being honest with you, power tools are a necessity, and if you’re anything like us, you can never have enough!

In a perfect world, you’d be able to have any tool you wanted, and you wouldn’t have to pick and choose.

Unfortunately, these tools can be pretty expensive, and you have to pick and choose which tool to get first.

We are going to compare band saw vs. table saw so you can decide which tool will be your first purchase so you can start ripping the material.


The Band Saw

band saw advantages

The band saw uses a serrated blade that moves in a continuous loop thanks to two pulleys. These blades are designed to make cuts through thick materials.

These saws are often found in a workshop of someone who works with a variety of materials, and because they can make thick cuts in a variety of material, such as wood, plastic metals, and even meat.

Advantages Of A Band Saw

Many people prefer a band saw because it can be used with so many different materials. The serrated blade can rip through the material without becoming damaged.

These saws are also good when you have a task that requires a curved edge because all you have to do is change the blade and you’re good to go.

A band saw is also going to be much quieter than a table saw and it also doesn’t create as much dust as a table saw, which is a big thing to consider because inhaling sawdust can cause a variety of health hazards such as respiratory infections, dermatitis, and cancer.

The Table Saw

table saw advantages

A table saw is a tool that uses a circular blade that is mounted and protrudes from the table. There is an arbor that is controlled by a motor to which the user pushes the wood through to create a straight and accurate cut every time.

These tools are the best option when you need a difference in depth. The user can adjust the blade’s height to achieve the variable depths of cuts in the wood. A table saw is a great tool for folks who wish to make furniture.

It is worth noting that there are different types of table saws to choose from. Some saws will meet your budget needs, possible future projects, and the amount of space you have in your workshop.

Advantages Of A Table Saw

While a band saw is incredibly versatile, a table saw is much more versatile, and it is the primary tool used in many workshops.

This is because they can perform many tasks and they are often preferred among those who are avid woodworkers and not just the hobbyist.

The table saw is capable of making precise cuts in the wood and these saws are ideal for ripping and making cross cuts. Those who wish to remodel their home will find a table saw an invaluable tool.

Band Saw Vs. Table Saw: How Are They Different?

One of the main differences between a table saw, and a band saw is that a table saw is going to be more dangerous to use. With a band saw, the blade cuts downward and pulls the wood into the table.

With a table saw, you could experience kickback and cause serious injury. Now, we aren’t saying that a band saw is completely safe to use, you still need to practice safety measures when using the tool.

Another way a table saw and a band saw are different is if you need to make curves in your wood. A table saw is not going to be able to allow you to create curves or intricate work because it uses a fixed, round blade.

A band saw, however, gives you the ability to manipulate the wood how you see fit, thus giving way to let you create intricate cuts in the wood. You can even use a finer blade for even more exacting cuts.


Trying to decide between a band saw vs. table saw comes down to what you intend on doing. As a beginner to woodworking, a table saw may seem like the ideal choice because it is easy to use.

However, as your skills progress, you may find that a table saw isn’t going to satisfy all of your needs. To which you may want to upgrade eventually to a band saw.

For those who require a tool for ripping wood, the table saw is going to be your best option. It will give you straight cuts every time, but you will also be able to adjust the height of the cuts as you need.

We do want to stress the importance of safety when you are using these power tools, especially the table saw. If you aren’t careful with either saw (especially a table saw), you could seriously injure yourself.

With a table saw, it is always important to use a push tool so that your hands and fingers aren’t too close to the blade.

With both tools, you will want to wear safety goggles and a face mask so that dust doesn’t fly into your eyes or you don’t inhale it.

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