Table Saws Hub

Table saws -- the true workhorse of the saw world. Part circular saw, and part table these powerful tools can quickly turn piles of lumber into much smaller ones, which includes a variety of angles and cuts, depending on what you’re needing.

As the name suggests, a table saw uses a large table surface to help you guide and support workpieces as you feed them to the blade, which is essentially a circular saw mounted underneath the table, with an exposed blade.

Due to the size and design, table saws are most often used by lumber yards, contractors, and builders as quick, easy ways to rip wood into smaller pieces, but they can also perform just about any style of cut that doesn’t require freehanding or detailed cutting.

If you’re going to be working with large wood pieces regularly, or need a power saw on hand that can make quick work using basic cutting types, a table saw is a must.