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Circular saws are the true workhorse of power saws, and also one of the most accessible. For most, a circular saw should be among the first saws you add to your inventory -- if not the very first.

Easily one of the most fundamental saws available, a circular saw is a toothed, rounded blade that is mounted to a body with a handle. They have a shoe on the bottom that allows you to slide the saw across a workpiece as you make a cut.

Regarding cutting types, circular saws can make basic rip cuts, cross cuts, and bevel cuts, and also plunge cuts if you’re resourceful. Their size and design give them a lot of versatility in regards to where and how you can use them.

Whether you’re trimming studs at a worksite, cutting a tree branch into smaller pieces, or cutting piping for plumbing, a circular saw can do it all. And they’re highly affordable in most cases.

If you’re new to power saws, this is where to start.

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