Here’s My Story

Hey there — I’m Chris Miller, founder and site manager of

As an experienced DIY woodworker, I’ve spent many years getting acclimated with a ton of different saws while spending time on my own projects, whether it’s fixing my fence, building a storage shed, or piecing together a quick shelf for my workshop.

Here’s the thing though. When I first started doing this, I didn’t really know what I was doing. My only real experience with saws was a semester of woodshop when I was in high school.

As someone that likes being self-sufficient, I began to learn about more saws and other power tools after buying my first house.

Things were a little difficult at first, and there was plenty of trial and error. A lot actually. Looking back, I was fairly clueless, and I’m surprised I got as far as I did with some of my projects. Fortunately, through practice and the advice of others that knew much more than me, I got better.

My first project was fixing the deck at my new house. It wasn’t in bad shape, but it needed a few boards replaced. A friend of mine let me borrow his circular saw, gave me some pointers, and off I went.

Here you have gallery of some of my works.  

The next thing I knew, I was redoing the stairs. And then adding rails. And then a bench.

Suddenly, I had a new hobby…and I haven’t slowed down since. Take a look at my little woodshop. 

Here’s My Story 7

A bit messy, but being neat is not the most important thing in my woodshop 🙂

Which leads me to now. Early on, one of my biggest issues was trying to figure out what saws I needed for what tasks.

As you can imagine, my budget was limited back then, so I couldn’t just go out and buy a bunch of different saws and call it a day. Every purchase was crucial and required a lot of research.

The internet wasn’t where it was today back then, so while there were some resources available, it was nowhere near what it is now.

This made it hard when trying to decide on a product to buy. A little third-party expert advice on demand would’ve been nice.

Fast forward to now. One day while working in my shop, I had one of my oldest saws give out on me.

I was bummed about it, but I knew it was coming. I retreated to my home to do some research for the next one to purchase as a replacement.

Working on DIY Project

All I came across for the most part were various reviews that were either somewhat incoherent or not detailed enough.

I eventually settled on a new saw to buy, but I also decided on something else: to start this website as a way to provide fair, detailed, and accurate reviews of a variety of saws.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional looking for informed opinions on a new miter saw you’ve been eyeing, or a novice who needs advice on an affordable, reliable circular saw for basic tasks. We cover it all here.

Take some time to look at our various buying guides and reviews, and also be sure to check out the blog for some topical posts about an array of different subjects.

Have a question about a particular saw, or something we haven’t covered yet?

Feel free to reach out to me.

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Thanks for reading! I hope this site becomes a go-to resource for many of your DIY needs.