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Do chainsaws really need an introduction? While these saws are common in cheesy horror movies, they are also one of the most common saws period, found in countless garages, sheds, and workshops around the world.

A chainsaw can be used to cut a lot of different things, but they are commonly used for trees, brush, and breaking down wood and scrap.

Their build is simple: Just a handle, a trigger, and an extended plate with a revolving chain containing sharp edges. This rugged simplicity makes them a go-to tool for many landscapers and construction contractors.

They can make quick work out of wayward tree limbs, stumps, bushes, and pretty much anything else in your way.

Chainsaws are fairly cheap, easy to take care of, and very easy to use. They are often the first saw purchase that many make, as they are an essential tool for most homeowners. If you don’t have one yet, now is the time to do so.

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