5 Uses For Sawdust You Must Try

5 Uses For Sawdust You Must Try

Not many people realize it, but there are hundreds of ways that sawdust is used as a by-product in the modern world, so when you’ve got some laying around you might want to put it to good use too.

This naturally absorbent material is used for everything from animal feed to cleaning products, and if you take the time to look around you’ll be surprised at just how versatile it is.

Most of us dispose of the pile of sawdust that builds up after a woodworking project, but there’s no need to do that anymore with these simple suggestions, so you can give your wood a second chance at helping you out around the home.

Here are a few ways your sawdust can be recycled at your house and have a hugely beneficial result.

#1 Plant Food

Many commercial plant feed features some degree of sawdust so you can put it to work in your own garden.

sawdust in garden use

Rather than disposing of your sawdust, mix in a handful with your regular manure and you’ll make it even more powerful than before when you apply it to your plants and flowers.

#2 Mess Cleaner

This one has been used by commercial cleaners for generations, but now you can put sawdust to use around your home too.

sawdust as mess cleaner

This naturally absorbent material is great for cleaning up huge spills or helping to soak away stains that are stubbornly stuck. Sawdust is especially great for paint and oil spills that you can’t get up with regular cleaning.

#3 Fake Snow

If you’re doing some Christmas arts and craft, why not use your sawdust to make your own fake snow?

sawdust as fake snow

Simply cover it with some white spray paint and sparkles then let it dry and you’ll have the most real looking fake snow around. This can be used in Christmas cards, nativity scenes, and decorating gingerbread houses.

#4 Weed Killer

Not only can sawdust be used to feed your plants, but it can help keep the nasty ones away too.

week killer sawdust

Take your sawdust and pack it between cracks or spaces in the garden bed or cement where weeds commonly pop up and it will help to eradicate them. This makes an earth-friendly and chemical-free way to keep your garden look its best.

#5 Fire Maker

Keep some of your sawdust on hand for your next camping trip, as it makes a wonderful fire maker when you’re in a bind.

sawdust as fire maker

Mix up some hot candle wax with a bit of sawdust and let it cool and harden. The substance you’ve made can then be used to get a fire started and it packs away nicely into your camping backpack before a trip.

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