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How To Use Pocket Cable Saw

Cable saws are used in many construction, demolition, and logging operations.

The cable saw is a handheld power tool that has a long cable with a ring at one end.

The cable is wound around the spool while the operator holds the ring in his hand. As the operator pulls on the cable, it will cut through wood like butter or bone like hot knife through butter.


What Are Cable Saws?

The wire of this type of saw is made of spring steel and coated with copper to prevent corrosion. This makes it possible for this type of saw to be used underwater or outdoors in wet conditions without damage to the tips or blade.

A cable saw is a type of circular saw that is commonly used in the construction industry. It cuts by using a serrated steel cable that moves back and forth when electricity is applied to it.

Cable saws are also sometimes called saber saws because they use a very similar design to that of saber blades that were used in combat centuries ago.

Using a cable saw is a great way to make your cuts in a professional manner. It can work with many different types of materials and cuts through them quickly.

This article will go over the tools that you need for using a cable saw, how to use it, and what each type of material should be cut

How To Use Cable Saw

how to use cable saw
  • Learn how to grip it properly. Always be firm, but don’t saw with all of your power, you can cut for hours if you are patient.
  • Find the angle – Always use wider angles when first trying cable saw.
  • Powerful but slow – your stroke rate should be around 20 strokes per minute. All of your strokes should be powerful, but you always need to have control of your cable saw.

Best Cable Saw For DIY Use

You will not want to go far to find a decent cable saw to fit your needs. I personally use this one from General Tools.

And it is doing great so far (3+ years.)

You’ll want to keep this cable saw close. It’s not only lightweight and compact, but it’s also durable and versatile. The General Tools cable saw can cut all sorts of materials like DURABLE PVC, PE, and ABS pipes as well as flexible rubber.

The small size doesn’t mean it can’t handle tough jobs–it works in confined spaces and has a comfortable grip handle for a solid grip on all your cutting needs.

general tools cable saw

DURABLE: The serrated cutting cable is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing a clean and precise cut.

VERSATILE: This cutter can cut pipes of a wide variety of sizes without requiring any special adjustments. It can cut PVC, PE and ABS pipe as well as flexible pipe. This cutter is built to last you for years to come!

CUTTING POWER: This cutter cuts into the pipe with relative ease and little effort on your part.

What are the benefits of using a cable saw?

A cable saw is a motorized saw that is made of a flexible steel wire. The wire is enclosed in insulation material, The main benefit of using a cable saw is that it can be operated from one side of an object, rather than only from above or underneath it.

What is the usual length of a cable saw?

It depends on the thickness of the cable and its length. However, a typical length for a cable saw is about 12 inches.

Is there any cable saw that can cut through metal?

This really depends on the type of metal. If the metal is thin enough, any cable saw will cut through it.

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