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How To Cover Existing Skirting Quickly And Easily

When you visit many homes, you will find most of them with skirting structures. There are many benefits that house skirting brings about. One common advantage is reducing expenses on the heating and cooling needs.

Generally, this comes from the extra insulation the structures bring about. At some point, you need to do a covering of the existing cover. This could be when you want to make it look more attractive.

People also decide to go for the skirting board covers as it ends up being time-saving. This is as opposed to replacing the already available skirting. These days, there is a growing trend of people fitting the covers over the skirting. The question is, how can this happen within a short time effectively?


Benefits of Skirting over Skirting

How To Cover Existing Skirting Quickly And Easily 1

Before we dig into how the fitting of the covers takes place, it is elemental to acknowledge the primary benefits to come along the way. You hardly incur many costs in the mission. Such operations need your basic DIY skills and the right tools. This is as opposed to removing the existing skirts to fit new ones.

It protects the wall structure of the house. When you remove the skirting, there is a high chance of damaging the wall and scratching the paint. This will alter the need for funds to do the repairing. Fitting a skirting over the present ones saves you from all that.

It also offers the opportunity of hiding the cable connections at home. Mainly, Unwanted cables and pipes will interfere with the general outlook of the property. With the additional cover, you can easily make them less conspicuous.

Find Quality Skirting Board Covers

For your efforts to be much beneficial, look for the best skirting board covers. Focus on the quality first, as this has a significant impact on the aspect of durability. The MDF (Modified-density fiberboards) can resist mechanical forces and corrosion in a significant way. This assures you of maximum protection on the existing skirting.

Going for the standard type is a good idea as they come with ease of installation. If you want to fit skirting over skirting covers quickly, this can be a good option. However, remember to let the different pieces perfectly lay onto the present skirting. This way, you extend their adherence to the structure.

Do the Measurements Matter?

How To Cover Existing Skirting Quickly And Easily 2

For your skirting to be easy, work with specific dimensions. A complete covering ought to be your aim. This will be when you go for the covers with a similar length and width to the existing skirting.

When procuring these products, think of going for the dealerships offering tailored solutions. This means they will send a team to assess the design of the skirting. It makes them come up with the right skirting over skirting covers so, before committing yourself to a certain dealer, check the previous projects in which they have taken part.

With this, you end up knowing how accurate they are with the dimensions.

Procedure for Fitting Skirting Board Covers

For that perfect covering to take place, following the proper steps is key. The first step usually is in cleaning the surface onto which the coverage will be made. The cleaning aims to get rid of the grease, grime, and solid particles, which may interfere with the bond with the cover. After the cleaning, ensure that the surfaces are well-dried.

This is before you apply the board cover.

From here, do the right measuring and marking, which ought to be at the end of the boards. This is the point where there will be a connection with the interior corner. With the proper measures, the cover will comfortably slide over and sit. The use of rulers and set squares means a lot when doing all this.

Head straight to the cutting after being sure of the measurements. Do the cutting using a handsaw as it results in no damages to the wood structure. You now have your skirting over skirting covers when done with this, and now you may do the covering. Finally, secure the boards. You do this by pinning it underneath.

For the whole procedure to be excellent, have all the tools together. It allows you to move from one step to the other fast. Being in the company of other people will make it more quickly as you will allocate each other specific duties.

Skirting structures are pivotal for any home as they offer extra insulations; therefore, you save on heating and cooling. There comes a time when fitting a skirting board cover is necessary rather than replacing the existing one.

During this moment, look for the right ways to make it fast and effective. As you do this, consider the quality of the structures and follow the right strategy.

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