How To Install Water Heater

How To Choose The Right Type Of Water Heater

The hot water supply at your home or office should never be taken for granted. It makes your whole life a lot easier right from taking a hot shower in the morning to washing your dishes in the evening.

If your water heater has failed you or you are simply trying to invest in one that is more energy-efficient, consider the below tips so that you can make the right decision.

When it comes to buying a heater, below are the types that are available along with their pros and cons.


Tankless Water Heater

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These types of heaters provide you with hot water supply only on-demand .i.e when you want it. This means that when you are looking for tankless heaters on the market, you will be getting one that is very energy efficient. These types of heaters completely eliminate energy consumption when they are on standby mode.

This helps you to reduce your expenses on utilities. This heater uses electric heating elements or a gas burner to warm up the water. This water travels through a pipe. Therefore there is no need to store hot water in a tank when you use this heater. It improves energy efficiency and is very easy to install. You will reap your return on investment more quickly.

Also as it eliminates the need for having a big bulky tank, you do not have to worry about the space needed for storage tanks. 

The only downside can be that if you use it for too many purposes at the same time the time taken for all the water to be heated can be slower. For this reason, make sure you buy one that has a larger capacity if you plan to use the heater when you have too many people who will need it. 

Storage Water Heaters

A storage water heater is one of the most common types seen around.

These are conventional water heaters that have been around for quite a while now. The technology used for this type of heater is simple as a heating element or burner is placed in the tank and that helps to maintain the temperature of the water inside it. A thermostat helps to maintain the temperature as to what it is set to.

It is relatively cheaper as well to buy and install. 

However, at the same time as the storage water heater will need to maintain a certain temperature the whole day in the tank, the energy consumption will be high even when it is not being used.

Also storing water for a long time in a certain place is not such a good idea.  Furthermore, this type of heater needs more energy and that will lead to further operating costs. Lastly, you will need to make some extra space for storing the tank which can be bulky. 

Solar Water Heater

You can invest in a solar heater when you want to tap into the power of the sun to get energy.

Solar water heaters are another way that can help you cut down the energy cost. You can use sunlight to heat the water properly. There are several types of solar heaters available but they all have common parts like the solar collector and storage tanks. They are very energy efficient as they will be using the energy from the sun which is free.

Over time, you will be able to recover your return on investment with the low utility bills. 

There are however downsides to solar water heaters. Firstly, the initial investment is high and that means the return on your investment is gradual. Further, if you live in a place where there is less sunshine, then you will need to install substitute water heaters so that you can still get hot water.

These types of heaters also require larger space and proper installation in order to work properly. 

Choose A Water Heater According To Your Needs

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The above three water heater types give you a basic idea of what they can and cannot do.

You can make your choice based on what offers you the best solution. Remember that apart from the investment cost, you should also take into consideration the maintenance cost of the water heater. When you take care of your water heater properly it can last for a long time.

You will spend less on buying new ones often when you properly maintain the one you have at home. You can also take guidance from professionals who can take into consideration your needs and help you select one that fits the best. 

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